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John Kline


Scientist Gets Inside Your Brain

Packing his CD with instrumental rock tracks, Alabama shred guitarist John Kline describes his music as "New Age with Edge". Even if the new age reference leaves the average rock guitar listener scratching their head in disbelief after listening to "Wakey! Wakey!" and "Fruition" off Instrumental Conditioning (which cannot be a bad thing), the 'edge' is quite apparent. Really what you might have here are some hard rock tracks, interspersed with some new age tracks - not quite the same thing. The quality of guitar playing seems to be quite high no matter the genre or label, but for marketing purposes, Kline may wish to separate his two worlds into different project, or band, releases. Overdriven guitar tracks on the hard rock side, acoustic tracks on the new age side - Bob's your uncle - two projects for the price of two.


Featuring rock, jazz, ambient, and Celtic influences, John's music has a unique flavor of melodies, textures, and moods, peppered with blazing guitar work. Reviewers have compared him to G3ers Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and Eric Johnson. He has been nominated for numerous awards on Garageband, and has been named "Most Versatile" and "Prowar Champion" on Guitarwar. His independently produced CD was released in January 2006. Part of the profits will go to animal charities. In his spare time, Dr. John Kline is a psychology professor, and publishes scientific articles on the neurobiology of emotion and consciousness.

Kline does virtually all of his own composition, instruments, programming, engineering, production and prototype mastering in his modest, cottage industry home recording studio.

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