The Undiscovered: John Kiefer

John Kiefer


Reinventing Music As Sustenance

John Kiefer's cassette illustrates his willingness to experiment with new sonic textures and ideas on the guitar. Kiefer is interested in taking a blend of acoustic and electric guitars into new and, ultimately, more expressive directions. Kiefer also combines textured and multitracked guitar parts with other traditional instruments, such as flute, to enhance the complex melodic structure of his music.


Kiefer, formerly a heavy-metal speedster, is a 1989 graduate from the Guitar Institute of Technology in Hollywood and is the composer of 5 Animations for Guitar Solo, published by New Music in 1996. He has also composed the score to the feature film Gravely Speaking. His latest project is Spiral Suite, a CD for Dingo Digital Records scheduled for release in 1996.

Kiefer is also currently studying composition with George Burt at Rice University.

Contact Information

John Kiefer
16015 Hickory Knoll
Houston, TX 77059
United States