The Undiscovered: John Jaunese

John Jaunese


Fastest Six-Stringer On The Planet?

The appropriately named The Fastest Guitar On Earth is Washington state guitarist John Jaunese's demo CD, featuring five instrumental examples of his neo-classical prowess and blazing shred style. A very brief CD (under thirteen minutes), the songs include two longer numbers ("Mindstorm", "Speed Of Sound") and three tracks which are of the interlude or solo guitar variety. All tracks offer up plenty of Friedman-and-Becker-after-10-cups-of-expresso licks and heavy rhythms common to the neo-classical format. Jaunese can certainly blaze with the best of 'em (he even manages to inject some Van Halenisms into the classical mix), and since his next project is a full-length version carrying the neo-classical style even further, we expect to have our stereo speakers ready for a true metal meltdown.


John has been playing guitar since age 8, so has a grand total of 25 years of playing experience behind him. Influenced by Jimi Hendrix, Edward Van Halen, Randy Rhoads and Yngwie Malmsteen, he made up his mind to write and record neo-classical instrumental rock. After recording seven ADAT tapes full of music, John decided to release his EP-length CD with five songs in 1997. The CD received unexpected attention and he sold a few thousand copies locally. By 1999, John was inspired to do a few shows and begin writing tunes for a full-length CD.

Jaunese is currently working on three CDs at the same time. They include "A Tribute To Beethoven" - classical, "Seattle Lights" - jazz, and his full-length neo-classical offering, which has yet to be named. He hopes at some point to join a well established rock or progressive rock band.

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