The Undiscovered: John Di Ruzza

John Di Ruzza


Italian Instrumentalist Distributes Demo

Italian John Di Ruzza is currently distributing his three-song rock instrumental CD-R demo, entitled Memories. Each of the three compositions sounds totally different from each other, and features Di Ruzza's ability to portray 'situations' in the music, rather than relying on technique to overwhelm the listener. With that in mind, songs such as "A London Tale" and "Seagulls At The Door" are top notch productions that bring the music to the listener in an intimate way. Aided by Pat Andolfi on bass and Robby Romano on keyboards and piano, the songs unfold as a Maurice Jarre soundtrack might, only with Di Ruzza's guitar supplying the 'edge' to keep a six-string fan's interest. Good work, and hopefully Di Ruzza will produce more recordings of this quality.


John began studying guitar at the age of twelve, after five years of piano studies. His studies were focused around classical and jazz music, but at age seventeen he discovered the incredible technique of players such as Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhoads, Yngwie Malmsteen, Joe Satriani, Vinnie Moore, Al DiMeola and others. Since that time John has passed through several stages of music which each reflected his feelings at that moment in his life, rather than reflecting technical achievement on the instrument. He currently works a regular job during the day as well as continuing to play and teach guitar.

Di Ruzza's goal is to have some of his compositions included on a compilation CD of some kind, and have his music discovered by interested music fans.

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