The Undiscovered: Joe Carter

Joe Carter


Brazilian Musical Treat, With Nilson Matta

Mining the harmonic possibilities from the duo format is guitar virtuoso Joe Carter, who teams with world renowned Trio de Paz bassist Nilson Matta on Two For Two, a fine tribute to Brazilian music. Carter contributes two original instrumentals ("Papa's Baiao", "Olinda"), while Matta adds his composition, "Nascente". Carter has devoted himself to bringing the sounds of Brazil he enjoys into the mainstream of jazz, and his stellar performances on both the originals, and the selection of Brazilian classics from the 1930s through the '60s. The beautiful chord melodies, the single string embellishments, and melodically evocative guitar lines, and seductive string bass - all contribute to a dynamic and engaging listening experience. Guitarists hoping to explore the music of Brazil in their own studies with also find Two For Two to be a fertile source of ideas and inspiration.


Joe started guitar studies at an early age, eventually focusing on Jazz. While earning B.A. and M.A. degrees in Jazz Performance and starting his Jazz Ph.D. studies at New York University he studied privately with guitarists Sal Salvador, John Scofield, Allan Hanlon, saxophonist Lee Konitz and pianist Don Friedman. After several performance and teaching trips to Brazil Joe's current specialty is Brazilian Jazz, combining Straightahead and Bebop styles of Jazz with Samba, Bossa Nova and Northeast styles of Brazilian music. During the course of his career he has recorded and/or performed with Jazz artists such as Art Farmer, Lee Konitz, Cecil Payne, Rufus Reid, Harvie Swartz. Akira Tana, Stafford James, Richard Wyands and Al Harewood among others; and with Brazilian Jazz artists such as Mauricio Einhom, Robertinho Silva, Luis Eca, Luis Alves, Paulo Russo and others.

Carter is currently an instructor at Sacred Heart University and Hartford Conservatory, both in Connecticut, where he specializes in Guitar, World Music and Jazz courses. In addition to this, and also teaching privately in New York City, he has taught clinic/ workshops in Europe, South America and the United States. He is also the author of four textbooks for guitar.

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