The Undiscovered: Joboj



Squeezing Vitamin "G" From Boundless Intensity

Shattering glass. Screaming occupants. Twisted metal. Overall chaotic mayhem. Is it a high-speed car crash, or is it Orange? You be the judge. The latest CD from guitarist Joboj, whose first CD, "Anvilhead" (under the name Joe Bochar) covered the entire hard rock musical map, goes one step beyond, pulling the listener into an extreme guitaristic world. This guy has more talent oozing from his pulp than can fit onto a 70-plus minute, freshly squeezed CD. Killer cuts such as "Clutch", "Hooloovoo", "Orange" and "The Twiddle" will rock your nervous system as Joboj uses whammy pedals, wah-wah pedals, furious legato runs and feedback squeals to augment his intense style. Great stuff -- and all organically grown, er, a, recorded in "Joe's Room".


Joboj (pronounced "Jow-bow", like bow-tie... or "jow_bowj": bow-tie with a j on the end) is a guitarist originally from Rhode Island, now residing in Los Angeles, California. He's been playing music for fifteen years, and has been doing his guitar instrumental projects for the past five years. His current projects consist of pre-production on a third CD (tentatively titled "Blackthumb"), writing for Guitarapalooza magazine, guest columnist for Guitar Nine Online, recording and gigging with R&B vocalist Todd Hunter. .In case you were wondering, Joboj is taken from JOe BOchar Jr., the name the guitarist used on his first CD.

Joboj plans major publicity for Orange, signing up new distribution channels and generally working hard to ensure everyone lacking enough Vitamin "G" in their diet gets a shiny CD's worth in the coming months.

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P.O. Box 6572
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United States

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