The Undiscovered: Jim Morris Band

Jim Morris Band


High-Powered Instrumental Assault

The Jim Morris Band submitted their eight song, self-titled instrumental rock CD-R, and the tracks offer a glimpse into the liquid fretboard style of guitarist Jim Morris. Morris is a shredder with an advanced melodic sensibility, which means you can listen to his stuff a lot without wondering what the point is - the point is great music, expertly played, with tremendous solos and dazzling flourishes. The production is basic, on what could be considered a demo, but perhaps access to better facilities will yield even better sonic results. Morris is joined on the CD-R by Nate Nichols on bass and Al Towle on drums, but this is a guitarist's guitar album for sure. People who've been paying attention will recall Morris from the Quintessence Metal Webzine's compilation CD "Fret-Essential", on which his track "Distant Bliss" closed the album.


Jim was born in Detroit in 1970 and listened to a lot of what we now know as classic rock. At the age of 13 his parents bought his him first guitar. Jim joined his first band (Severe Damage) at age 15, but it wasn't until he heard "Satch Boogie" from Joe Satriani on the radio in 1988 that he developed a pallet for instrumental music. He later enrolled in the jazz band at East Detroit High School, and was then attracted to players like Yngwie Malmsteen, Vinnie Moore, and Frank Zappa. He continued writing songs complete with lyrics even though the experience seemed uncomfortable and insincere. It wasn't until his collaboration with drummer/violinist Don Stein in 1991 that he was able to focus on instrumental composition. Jim would come home from cover gigs and relentlessly sit at the four-tracker developing technique and harmony. By this time he had found his 'voice' - and realized the sincerity and emotion that instrumental rock had in store for him.

As Morris continues to grow and develop as a person and a player, one thing remains constant, he enjoys playing, and the reason he did it when he was 13 is the same reason he does it today - just for fun!

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