The Undiscovered: Jim Jedrys

Jim Jedrys


Psychedelic Hard Rocker

Australia based guitarist Jim Jedrys submitted a ten-song demo CD-R, entitled, are you ready for this, Jim Jendrix. Obviously a devotee of the influential Seattle musician, he unfortunately invites comparisons right off the bat with his songs (the opener "Kinky Love" offers a very "Foxy Lady"-like vibe). The problem is, there was only one Jimi Hendrix, and without a lot more ability, most guitarists are not going to be able to stand up to direct comparison. Jedrys just needs to practice more, try to shed the Hendrix influence, and really work on his recordings to get them sounding better - there are many mistakes left intact on the tracks, production is quite uneven, and the guitar sound is frequently drenched in an overwash of multi-effects.


Jim, originally from Poland, got his start playing in Warsaw's local clubs. A follower of Jimi Hendrix, he developed an alternative tuning system for the guitar, allowing him to achieve exotic, often fiercely dissonant chord voicings. Now living in Adelalde, Australia, Jim continues his pioneering quest towards luminous, all instrumental rock music that is cerebral, throbbing and rhythmically animated. Jim's approach, he hopes, will conjure listeners and bedevil would-be imitators.

One song from Jedrys' demo, "The War" (in a very primitive version), was included on a Rodell records compilation in the mid '90s.

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Jim Jedrys
South Australia