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Practicing his own brand of extreme seven-string guitar, Pennsylvania guitarist Jim Horne has released Zero Tolerance, an all-instrumental shred/metal/rock EP-length CD. Taking dissonance to the next level, Horne revved up his drum machine, and double and triple-tracked his seven-string Ibanez axe, blending speed and slow melodic phrasing over the albums six cuts. A showcase for improvisational moments, Zero Tolerance challenges the listener with sharp, jagged guitar lines teetering on the edge of disharmony ("Destination", "Zero Tolerance"), then brings it back into focus with sinuously dense riffs and fiendishly meshed guitar solos ("Ballad Type Thing"). Counting influences such as Vinnie Moore, Steve Vai, Greg Howe, Jason Becker and Richie Kotzen, Horne hopes to make some noise before launching his next project squarely at the shred guitar community.


Jim was born on November 13th in Pennsylvania - where he still resides. At an early age, Jim was drawn to music. However, he never considered playing an instrument, until he derived inspiration while listening to Eddie Van Halen. Jim was completely taken by the tones - and I guess you could say that is when the guitar bug bit him. At the age of 9, Jim began to play the guitar. Initially taking guitar lessons, by the age of 14 he became frustrated with the lack of music theory taught by local guitar teachers. Jim continued studying on his own. While attending high school he had an opportunity to take some courses in music theory. Those courses expanded not only his knowledge of music in general, but gave him a deeper insight into his guitar playing.

Horne is currently focusing all his time on being a musician. He is working on his second CD, which will be an all out shred-fest entitled "Panic Attack" to be completed in 2006.

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