The Undiscovered: Jim Earp

Jim Earp


Guitarist Returns To His Acoustic Roots

Over twenty-five years of playing music has paved the way for the new CD release from San Diego fingerstyle guitarist Jim Earp. Entitled Rosewood, the all-instrumental project features thirteen original acoustic compositions performed in a variety of tunings. Earp displays a wonderful sense of dynamics and a knack for creating infectious melodies on tunes such as "Lunes" and "Highland Rain", the latter track combining some marvelous guitar playing with a Celtic-influenced theme. "Angel's Apple Pie", on the other hand, is as American as they come, embellished with bluesy touches as Earp takes you down the country backroads with his driving arrangement. In short, Rosewood covers a plethora of musical influences (folk, jazz, blues, California freestyle, Celtic) which are united through Earp's solo guitar orchestration, fluid technique and personal style.


Jim began playing fingerstyle acoustic guitar in 1973. By the early '80s, he was playing electric guitar in rock bands, and by 1990 he was immersed in guitar synthesis and was beginning to branch out into local session work. Preceding the recording of Rosewood were two singer/songwriter projects, which were promoted via the San Diego coffeehouse circuit. Rosewood represents a return to Jim's acoustic roots, as he had developed his own unique voice over the years, absorbing influences ranging from Bruce Cockburn and Alex DeGrassi to Pierre Bensusan and Leo Kottke.

Earp's goals for the future are to continue to produce and record good acoustic music. He also hopes to garner a livelihood from his original music and live performances.

Contact Information

Jim Earp
P.O. Box 16284
San Diego, CA 92176
United States