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Jim Crouch


Modern Approach To Blues Rock

So Far is the enjoyable 1997 CD release by Florida based guitarist Jim Crouch, featuring nine tracks that delve into blues and hard rock graced with improvisational power. From the opening instrumental track, "Leaving Without Reason", Crouch establishes the tone of the album, delivering high-energy, Hendrix-style solos over a driving pulse. So Far is roughly half instrumental and half vocal, and Crouch's vocals clearly reflect a love of blues, as he employs the Howlin' Wolf growl to great effect. "Alligator Boogie" is a testament to riff-oriented blooze, and is most probably a crowd favorite in Crouch's live performances. The guitarist is also not afraid to stray from the rock idiom, collaborating with vocalist John Parker on the hip hop and funk track, "Mind Over Matter". If you like what you've read so far, check Jim Crouch out.


Jim began playing guitar and performing at the age of fourteen. He has performed extensively with numerous hard rock and blues bands from 1977 through 1995. Jim has also worked as a music instructor and has written and recorded songs which received radio air play. In October of 1999, the Jim Crouch Blues Express played for over 10,000 people at Daytona Beach's Biktoberfest. Jim has been featured numerous times on TV, and is listed in the prestigious international promoters handbook, "Cavalcade".

Recently, Crouch has completed recording for a new CD featuring Banner Thomas (an original member of Molly Hatchet) on bass and Tommy Curiel (with the Rick Derringer Band) on drums. He has just received an endorsement from GHS Strings. In December of 1999 Crouch was notified by ASCAP that he has now won 6 ASCAP Special Awards.

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