The Undiscovered: Jesse Batiuk

Jesse Batiuk


Gaining Respect As Solo Artist

On his 2004 CD release, Bluephoria, Los Angeles guitarist Jesse Batiuk delivers eight instrumental light rock tracks, arranged with a beat box rhythmic base that serves as a bedrock for improvisational leads. Reminiscent of some of the Craig Chaquico solo material (except using electric guitar), Batiuk prefers to let the guitar do the talking, with more space and grace than the typical rock CD. Possible ideas for improvement for the next CD might be to take more chances with the arrangements, experimenting more, bringing in live musicians, composing strong melodic themes, and playing with a bit more assuredness. Bluephoria is a good start, but with more experience writing material, with peer feedback, will help Batiuk get to where he wants to be.


Jesse was born in 1977, and began his music career in the San Diego area. In 1997, he started the band Headchange, where he was the guitarist, and wrote and produced most of the music. After a self-released CD failed to win praise from the critics, Jesse went on to form Plane. Their debut album, "Welcome To My Opium Den", was released in 2001, and received substantial airplay in San Diego and was sold in countries including Germany, Canada, France, Italy and Australia. Plane wrote and recorded more songs on various EPs, but played their last show in 2003. At that point, Jesse decided to continue on as a solo artist.

Bluephoria, self-produced by Batiuk, is the vehicle through which he hopes to gain respect in the music industry as a solo musician.

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