The Undiscovered: JC And The Jazz Hoppers

JC And The Jazz Hoppers


Down Under Guitar/Organ Trio

Led by Australian guitarist and songwriter Jason Campbell, JC And The Jazz Hoppers are a trio rounded out by drummer Andrew Dickeson and organist/pianist Col Nolan. Chillin' At Home is their seven song debut recording, replete with a pair of Campbell originals, along with numbers by Bobby McFerrin ("Don't Worry, Be Happy") and Janet Jackson ("Anytime, Anyplace"), among others. Campbell's sound, ala George Benson, takes the hollow bodied guitar at face value, and interacts soulfully with Nolan's organ - taking this trio format to a beboppin' new level. The effective concept of blending some of today's popular music into their shows (and recorded tracks) sets Campbell and Co. apart from some of the traditionalists, but ensures his music has a chance to reach new ears - making some new jazz fans in the process.


Jason first started picking the guitar at age seven, by his sixteenth birthday he had the good fortune to hear his idol, George Benson, live, two sets a night for a full week and that cemented his ambitions right then and there. Jason was determined to make it to the jazz capital of the world, New York City. After some brief guitar studies with John Scofield and jazz workshops with Freddie Hubbard and Johnny Griffin his musical studies got serious with Rodney Jones, Pat Martino, Tal Farlow, John Abercrombie and Barry Harris. He formed his group, JC and the Jazz Hoppers, while in Australia. Jason took 25 years to get to the point where he is happy with his sound and concept, and now wants to share it with those looking for something they can hang onto today.

Campbell's pledge to his listeners is to perform a Janet Jackson tune next to a Larry Young tune, Norah Jones next to John Coltrane, and maybe even a George Benson or Wes Montgomery tune, out of respect, in a classic guitar/organ trio setting.

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