The Undiscovered: Jason Riggs

Jason Riggs


Rock 'N' Roll Acoustic Guitar From New Mexico

Jason Riggs, to quote his press release, is a singer/songwriter who wears his heart on his sleeve and isn't afraid to sing about it. His debut CD, which Riggs co-produced, is entitled These Wheels, and features a collection of ten rock numbers dominated by Riggs' voice and acoustic guitar. Rather than recording his songs as he performs them (solo and acoustic), Riggs chose to use a full band, even including a bittersweet violin solo (played by Kiren Bahn) on the plaintive "Every Word". Highlights on These Wheels include the rockabilly ode to lust, "Tumble", the stark "Voices In The Wind", and the title track, which unflinchingly rocks with heart, soul and guts galore.


Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Jason led a fairly normal life up until the age of five, when he happened to discover his parent's Elvis Presley records. This event, coupled with a high school career devoid of female attention could mean only one thing--a career as a musician and songwriter. Jason fronted the 'loud, electric' band Rumbleseat for two years before leaving to craft some accessible acoustic tunes. After a nine-month hiatus from live work, he is back playing solo in front of audiences. Jason counts Johnny Cash, the Ramones, Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen among his many influences.

Riggs will be touring the east cost of the United States this summer and in the fall, expects to play live throughout the southwestern U.S.

Contact Information

B-I-N-G-O Recordings
P.O. Box 3238
Pueblo, CO 81005-0238
United States