The Undiscovered: Jason Couture

Jason Couture


Rocker Lets It Rip

Submitting a four-song demo CD-R entitled Nakedmonkeylove, is Ft. Bragg area guitarist Jason Couture. A showcase for the Ozzy-inspired heavy riffage that Couture was grounded in as a child, he literally lets it rip, wailing away over a basic, grungy production masquerading as a backing track - hey, the combo works! This is an opportunity to let the fingers fly, the frets burn, the strings melt and the amps crank. The most Ozzy-like track is the second instrumental, "Unspeakable", and you can almost heard Rhoads and Wylde in the distance. "Cowboy Up" is another metal inspired instrumental that allows for shred licks, bellicose rhythms, and blazing solos. The last instrumental, "Bring The Pain", has a plodding, Black Sabbath feel to it, which allows for some dissonant soloing, raucous tapping and inimitable pyrotechnics.


Jason's passion for the guitar started in 1992, while he was still in high school. His parents were (and still are) a couple of headbangers, and would always be blasting Ozzy, the Scorpions and Steve Vai around the house. Encouraged by them, Jason scored his first guitar, practiced, then cut his teeth in a Vermont based band named Jumping Ugly. He considers his first band mates to be his teachers. After playing various local gigs and releasing two CDs, the band called it quits in 1998. As Jason remembers, "I went solo after our falling out. I guess you could say, we all went solo! It's actually a pain in the ass being a solo artist, I would much rather have some mates to jam with. I will be searching for new band members in the future."

Couture's future plans are to further his understanding of the guitar, move back to Vermont and start a band that will challenge the limits.

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