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James Plasencia


Delivering Multi-Genre Instrumentals

California's James Plasencia submitted an eleven track demo CD-R entitled Think Tank, which features instrumentals in the hard rock, fusion, jazz and rock genres. All the songs, guitars and programming on the demo were written and recorded by Plasencia at home on a Marantz analog 4 track recorder. The bass, drums and keyboards were recorded using a Boss DR 5 drum machine. Plasencia used his Ibanez RG 570 and Fender Lone Star guitars for the rhythm tracks and the solos. Many styles are represented on the demo; full blown hard rock with shred leads can be found on "Escapism", while a George Benson like groove is present on "Coastal Groove". Kevin Eubanks' guitar style was the inspiration for "Dominick And Anthony", while the music of Don Henley drove the recording of "Brothers". For a full-blown CD, Plasencia only has to determine which stylistic path he feels most comfortable taking, and hit it with everything he's got. He's got the guitar licks down - and plenty of good ideas.


James began playing the guitar at the age of 14 by ear. In 1988, he attended the Musician's Institute in Hollywood, receiving a certificate of completion. James has live, recording and teaching experience and is also a member of BMI. It was the playing of Eddie Van Halen that really grabbed his attention initially and made him want to be a better player. Other influences include Joe Satriani, George Benson, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Frank Gambale and Vinnie Moore. James attempts to incorporate different styles into his playing and writing, drawing from rock, soul, R&B, jazz, pop and blues styles.

Currently, Plasencia is preparing songs for another CD-R demo. This time, he plans on utilizing the talents of real musicians to help record the bass, drum and keyboard parts. Plasencia would also like to form a group in order to play his original material live.

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