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James Dean


Somewhat Satriani-esqe Instro Rock

You've loved his sausages. No, not that James Dean. You loved him in "Rebel Without A Cause". Not that one either - and you're getting colder. Well, as it turns out, there is a guitarist in England named James Dean, and he now holds the record for submitting the shorted CD-R we've ever gotten, a one-song instrumental hard rock track, about 3 minutes 40 seconds, that will remind you of the early Satch records from the late '80s. Used to be guys would pack on 70 minutes or more on their demos - but that was when CD-Rs were expensive. Dean pulls out his wah-wah, his tapping finger and uses both on fiery solo spots to achieve a totally Satriani-esqe effect on his demo song. Pretty good rock tune for someone on just his fourth year with the instrument - and a self-taught axeman at that. Dean now needs to commit himself to writing and recording a ton more songs - Satch himself had written about 100 before "Not Of This Earth" was recorded. Learn from the best!


James was born in Margate, Kent in 1981 and moved to Great Yarmouth, Norfolk when he was around 10 years old. When he is not playing the guitar, he spends his time working out at the local gym, or working as a doorman at the local nightclubs. James' biggest inspirations for playing the guitar are Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, but he listens to many other great guitarists with differing styles. He is pretty much self taught and although he has been playing for a total of 4 years, the first year he played an average of 10 hours per day just perfecting his technique. James has been in a couple of local bands, and like all who have gigged, he loves the thrill of performing live. He plays a wide range of styles from pop, blues and rock to metal and enjoys them all equally, but if he were forced to choose, he would probably pick rock.

Dean would love to either join or start a band with people equally committed to breaking into the music scene. He is currently working hard on raising his profile in order to get his break.

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