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So ya say ya like guitars, and ya also like jam bands? Consider yourself in luck when you check out the music of Seattle's Jam Camp on their CD Black Hills Jam - Preserves Vol. II. Here you'll find not one, but two guitarists (David Broyles and Michael "Smitty" Smith) who make sure that six stringers everywhere are satisfied with their numerous solo forays. Compared to some of the jam bands out there today, Broyles and Smith are unafraid to let their aggressive sides show at times, in pure, overdriven glory. Steve Munger adds great, big, honkin' sax to the proceedings, providing a sonic 'rest' from the guitar-centric, instrumental assault (but then, who visiting this site needs a rest?) It's been described as 'whiskey sippin' music', but you'll find it just as appropriate when carb-loading on your favorite malt beverage, or finishing the last of the tequila before your spouse returns from their business trip.


Broyles is the Camp's musical director and a guitar virtuoso. He and the equally talented "Smitty" Smith trade fiery guitar solos and balance each other as melodic and rhythmic partners in the sound collage. The rhythm section of Jess White on bass and Joel Veatch on drums represents a single-minded, rock-solid base from which the musical journey can depart. Add the incredible Munger on sax, and you've the beast for an exhilarating ride! All of the players integrate their diverse musical influences - which range from art-rock and blues to acid-jazz, fusion and funk - to create new ideas for their forays into uncharted musical territory. All Jam Camp music is derived from jam-sessions. The band spends as much time "unthinking" song structure as it does working themes. The goal: let the music chart its own course. It's music on the brink, controlled chaos that's one note away from musical disaster.

But it's that sense of risk that requires each individual musician in the band to listen, feel and honestly interact with each other; it's that total-immersion and musical surrender that is the genesis of musical "soul," and what Jam Camp is all about.

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