The Undiscovered: Jahmings Maccow & E-Rif

Jahmings Maccow & E-Rif


Reggae Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter

Anguillian reggae musician Jahmings Maccow has recently released his twelve song CD entitled New Way. Maccow handles the rhythm. lead and acoustic guitars on the project, as well as lead vocals, keyboards and drum programming. He is joined on the CD by Paul Henton (bass, keyboards), Cesar Garcia (sax) and Michael Bolger (trumpet), among others. Unlike a lot of reggae musicians, Maccow is not shy about putting lead guitar breaks in his songs - he unleashes a raw, unpredictable sonic blast of overdriven/distorted guitar filled with trills and hammers on a good number of cuts, including the title track. Of course the arrangements feature the piano work and horn sections common to a great deal of reggae music, however the intemperate rawness of Maccow's solos give the music an edge not normally heard. The music on the New Way CD was recorded over a period of thirteen to fifteen months - from the winter of 1997 to the spring of 1999.


Born on the island of Anguilla, Jahmings started out singing with his school choir and playing the harmonica. Later in life, he would relocate to New York City, where his guitar playing caught the attention of reggae musician Henton, and they put together a band called Rhythm Dimensions. In 1984, Jahmings put together a group called the Enforcers, who did studio work for artists such as Max Romeo and Sugar Minott. From 1988 to 1990, he attended the Dick Grove Music School to continue his musical education. During that time he signed a songwriting contract with Sunrise Records, and wrote a single for Buddy Raye entitled "Yesterday" that was featured on the album "Hollywood Sessions".

Maccow is now busy promoting New Way, looking to acquire reviews and other press for the album.

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