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Avant-Hard Rock

Guitarist Michael Lance Serviolo is the driving force behind Iz, who have released another CD in the avant-hard rock category (yes, there is such a genre), entitled E M. Supported by his band mates, Tom Sublet (bass) and Dave Kerman (drums), Serviolo provides instrumental rock outside the norm, expanding minds and shattering preconceptions about what a power trio can do. A restrained heaviosity permeates the music, which can be sampled in both long (nine and ten minutes) and short (six tracks are under three minutes) morsels. Serviolo adds in experimental tracks ("Screaming Baby Cyborg," "Catatonia") and even a ballad, showing that Iz is determined to be nobody's one-trick pony band. To get a totally different idea of what three musicians can do with a bass, a drum kit, and some distorted guitars, check out what Iz is doing.


Iz has been making Denver, Colorado spongy for more than ten years, releasing three LPs of rock wallop. Michael is a longtime staple on Denver, Colorado's music scene. He has appeared with Local Threat, Peace Corp and Acid Ranch as well as the original Jux County, with founder Andy Monley. Michael later decided to concentrate on two projects - the hard-rocking Iz and an electronic recording project called Elan. His heritage, a mixture of Sicilian, Jewish, Native American and Uzbekistani, contributes in no small part to the blend of wide-ranging musical flavors found on his recordings. Michael formed his own label, Infinite 7, so that he would be free to do his own thing. "For the most part, Infinite 7 is just projects that I'm involved with," he reveals. "In truth, it's a vanity label, like most labels. Even labels that put out other bands are vanity labels, in a sense."

Serviolo spends most of his time around music - performing, composing, teaching, and handling promotion and publicity. "Teaching is the thing that I like to do more than anything else," he has been quoted as saying.

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