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Infinite Ego/Savior Onasis


Feats Of Guitar Synthesis

Enjoy Your Own Damn Symptom is a CD-R release from Infinite Ego (guitarist) and Savior Onasis (project name), which examines the synthesis of postmodern rock, improvisation, textures, ambience, looping, experimentation, noise, unfinished thoughts, pastiche, minimalism, maximalism, conventionalism and humor (whew!) So your enjoyment of the group's instrumental output is going to depend on two things - the openness of your mind, and your ability to appreciate a variety of non-guitar sounds (horns, weird sounds, etc.) coming from a guitar 'controller'. Plenty of tortured guitar sounds can be still be found from track to track, as Infinite Ego uses electric and acoustic guitars, a fretless 7-string, and a "microtonal" guitar to deliver his provocative, groove-tinged strangeness to a experimentally minded fan base. Better heard than described, the music of Savior Onasis will challenge the senses, while transporting the listener to provocative and beautiful places.


Ego is a solo artist, guiding light of Savior Onasis and founding director of KronoSequence. Ego's unconventional, online guitar lessons have been used by PBS and his various music articles (the "Praxis Papers") have been utilized by music schools worldwide and quoted in scholarly works -- e.g., Leadership Ensemble Lessons in Collaborative Management from the World's Only Conductorless Orchestra. Inspired by Vernon Reid, Hendrix, Praxis, Coltrane, Cecil Taylor, Bill Frisell, Naked City, Eric Dolphy, among countless others too numerous to mention, Infinite Ego has lent his outlandish abilities and left-of-center aesthetic to various musical efforts including the now-infamous and absurd "Bofatron Sofasaurus" campaign (a transfigured Dr. Seuss character exploring the outer limits of speed and the fragility of meaning). Infinite Ego's hybrid rock compositions and past bands have been heard on college radio stations across the Midwest.

Ego has been featured or profiled at Guitar One magazine, ZeBox, Weirdsville Radio, Dead Angel, and Artwhore.

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