The Undiscovered: Ilan Ashkenazi

Ilan Ashkenazi


Israel's Self-Taught Instrumentalist

Ilan Ashkenazi recently submitted his six song demo CD-R, a hard rock and shred influenced collection completely performed by Ashkenazi himself. The songs demonstrate the Israeli guitarist's advanced technique, including speed picking, dizzying guitar licks, swept lines and other tricks found in a modern guitarist's arsenal. The demo is essentially a lo-fi sampling of Ashkenazi's ability on the fretboard -- the songs could use the strong hand of a skilled producer to fatten up the sound and add dynamics. However the set (including songs such as "Carousal Of Time" and "Still Around") leave no question about his talent. Ashkenazi has a bright future in music if he can hook up with other musicians who share his vision.


Born and raised in the United States, Ilan has been involved with music since the age of 4, when he started learning the violin. He took up piano at age 7, then fell in love with the guitar a few years later. Ilan is completely self-taught and favored long practice sessions to develop his technique to the point that he could play whatever he wanted. Ilan learned pieces by Bach, Paganini, and Mozart, along with modern jazz and fusion. He has been awarded titles like "Fastest Guitarist", but Ilan stresses that he never bases his compositions on speed. He has been featured in many publications all over the world.

Ashkenazi no longer participates in the 'three set, all night gig scene', however he still loves to play, do session work, teach, and compose music for the guitar.

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