The Undiscovered: Ian "Speedo" Wilson

Ian "Speedo" Wilson


Three Speedy Demo Tracks

High energy hard rock with appealing harmonies and melodic surprises describes the three song instrumental demo CD-R submitted by Ian "Speedo" Wilson, from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Entitled Fireworks, the tracks show Wilson to be a fine guitarist and a man who knows how to put together an appealing arrangement. The second tune is an appealing, energetic boogie named "Electric Blue" which is made more interesting by the inclusion of a jazzy break (played on a clean guitar), neatly contrasting with the overdriven legato lead work which carries the track. The opening song "Funk Me" is an important bridge between Wilson's excursions in hard rock (Jeff Beck style) and funk (Stevie Wonder style), with shred guitar carrying the track to it's logical conclusion. Featuring a nice production for a demo, Wilson should look to complete his full-length CD as soon as possible, and begin selling it to the worldwide audience for instrumental music.


Ian has been playing the guitar for 25 years. He started playing guitar when he heard Ritchie Blackmore, who just seemed to strike the right chord and awakened something inside the Irishman. Ian's other major influences are Michael Schenker, Gary Moore (Gary is from the same town) and Philip Lynott from Thin Lizzy. He has played around in various rock outfits in Ireland, the most notable probably being 'Sweet Savage' (alongside Vivian Campbell, ex-Dio, Def Leppard). Ian has also played in support of bands such as Thin Lizzy, Ozzy Osbourne, WASP and Wishbone Ash. His roots are firmly embedded in rock, but he experiments with a bit of jazz from time to time, and tries to blend the two.

Wilson's future plans are to finish his debut full-length CD (he has six tracks completed, and plans twelve total for the album). He is hoping someday to get his CD published and marketed by a record label.

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