The Undiscovered: Hydra



Bass-Oriented, Rhythmically Heavy Fusion

Taking a break from the six-string, we're presented with - a six-string! Bass, that is. The southern Italian brothers Domenico Citriniti (bass) and Danilo Citriniti(drums), known as Hydra, submitted their all-original, twelve track instrumental fusion CD-R, entitled Odd World. Talk about a CD-R that needs to get to the pressing plant so the world can enjoy it - this recording features some excellent bass and drums dominated fusion. An added bonus is that they've recruited a number of guitarists, such as Salvatore Ciambrini (guitar on "The Spider" and three others) and Luciano Aloise (guitar on "Insert Miles") to contribute blistered solos to a number of tracks. Domenico has mastered the art of writing compositions around his massive abilities on the six-string bass - it's just as engaging as you'd hope any fusion record might be. Danilo really lays down a great groove for his brother as well; overall, the musicianship is top-notch throughout. The entire project was laid down in their home studio. Impressive!


Domenico and Danilo were born and raised in southern Italy (Catanzaro). Their father, also a musician, passed along his passion for music onto his sons, and by 1989, the brothers had formed their first metal band. They both later moved in different directions with new musical styles, joining several local and national bands. Before forming Hydra, the duo recorded three demo projects: "Demo Bass" by Domenico, and "WateReign" and "Over Drums" by Danilo. In 2002, they finally decided to produce a project together, which was the birth of Hydra. The idea was to represent all the ideas and experiences they had gathered over the years. The Citriniti's site musical influences such as Chick Corea, Allan Holdsworh, Jaco Pastorius, Virgil Donati, Vinnie Colaiuta, Dave Weckl and Michael Manring, among others.

The Citriniti's final goal is to have as many people around the world listening to their music as possible.

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