The Undiscovered: Howland/Laug/Morrison/Pinnick



Frightening Chops Abound At The Baked Potato

We know what you're thinking - if you only have $17 should you get the Howland/Imboden Project's "Live at the Baked Potato", or should you pick up Howland/Laug/Morrison/Pinnick's Live At The Baked Potato? The answer my friend is that you need to get another 17 bucks because you'll miss out on eleven tracks of blistering instrumental fusion either way you go if you have to make a choice. Recorded the day after the Howland/Imboden gig, the HLMP band adds a second guitarist to the rock/jazz party, Mr. Chris Pinnick, who had worked with the band Chicago during their heyday in the early eighties (and we all know Chris is an exciting, energetic and musical player with frightening chops). HLMP is ever so slightly more to the rock side of fusion than Howland/Imboden, and a couple of tracks sneak onto both CDs ("Your Old Thingy", "Sharp Funk 5", with different solos, of course), and you can compare for yourself the various sounds the two Howland-fueled bands can muster. Tough choice - simple answer, don't make a choice - get both.


Chris Pinnick, guitarist and songwriter probably best known as the lead guitarist for Chicago from 1980-1985 earning gold and platinum awards for "Chicago" 14,16, 17 and Greatest Hits Vol. 1 & 2. Chris recorded with Herb Alpert and earned gold records for his electric guitar work on Herb's hit, "Rise. Chris' guitar work has also been heard with music by John Klemmer. Chris' guitar work is in demand in the L.A. session circles. He has recorded electric and acoustic guitar for projects with current lead guitarist for Chicago, Keith Howland, the CD "Am I Still In Your Heart" by Chuck Negron (Three Dog Night), 6 CD collaborations with Chet McCracken (Flight to Moscow, Partners, After the Rain, Tequila, Heart To Heart and Anuenue), "The Hula Monsters" (The Zen of Hula), CD projects with producer Mark Paladino of ' 'Edge Recordings" (Shakeh, Mark Protus and Scott B), CD projects with producer Ray Ruff of "Hit Pros Records" ( Holly Wynette and Alicen) to name a few.

Pinnick co-wrote the song "This Neighborhood" for the movie "The Hard Way" as well as music for the classic "My Mom's A Werewolf'. Chris is co-owner and operator of Studio C&C in West Hills Ca. Studio C&C is a state-of-the-art digital recording studio featuring 24-track recording and Pro Tools systems.

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