The Undiscovered: Howard And The White Boys

Howard And The White Boys


Chicago's Hardest Working Blues Band

Back with their fourth CD of electric blues is the Illinois based band Howard And The White Boys. Live At Chord On Blues was recorded during three shows at the Chord On Blues club, and showcases the band whipping an enthusiastic audience into a frenzy. The band has always prided themselves on delivering dynamite live performances, and so a live CD is an appropriate way for their fans (and a whole bunch of new fans) to experience the group from the comfort of home. Guitar freaks will trip on the twin guitar attack provided by Dan Bellini and Giles Corey, while enjoying singer and bassist Howard McCullum's low end and drummer Jim Christopulos' blusey thwack. Live At Chord On Blues even features some excellent covers; Muddy Waters' "I Got My Mojo Workin'" and James Brown's "Sex Machine" (you won't find too many blues bands with the saavy to do that one).


The members of Howard And The White Boys first met at Northern Illinois University in Dekalb, where they were all students pursuing different academic disciplines including Art, Sociology, Communications and Philosophy. Guitarist and harmonica player Dan Bellini met vocalist/bassist Howard McCullum in a bookstore and original guitarist Steve Asma in an art class. With the addition drummer Jim "Bucka" Christopulos (who Asma knew when they were in high school) the band was complete. They started jamming together in 1988 just for fun at first, but their fast-growing popularity soon convinced them that they could make a career of it. After only a few months, they got their first big break by opening for B.B. King. The band has released several CDs on Mighty Tiger Records, "Strung Out On The Blues" and "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner", and another CD on their own label, Evidence, entitled "The Big $core".

The band continues to tour and play out relentlessly in order to convert the maximum number of music fans into disciples of their high-powered blues.

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