The Undiscovered: HipCat Meowsic

HipCat Meowsic


Hard Rock Group Looks To Enter The Popular Mainstream

Michigan-based guitarist Edward Dijk, head of the hard rock project HipCat Meowsic, has recently completed four tracks for his second EP-length CD-R, Ondertekening. The word "ondertekening" is Dutch for "signature", and the intent of the EP is to serve as a signature statement of Dijk's ability in performance and engineering. Consisting of groove based rock with oodles of free-wheeling improvisations, wah-wah drenched leads ("Held Van Oorlog", Dutch for "War Heros") and meat-and-potatoes electric blues ("Macht Niet Liegen", Dutch for "Tell The Truth"), the record serves as an assertion of Dijk's persistence to get his music recorded and heard by much wider audience. Ondertekening will hopefully be another positive stepping stone for Dijk on his journey towards an musical future.


Edward began playing guitar at age 15 and continued with the instrument while attending Calvin College in Grand Rapids. There he hooked up with keyboardist Terry Dexter and began writing music and recording demos, which eventually ended up on their first E.P., entitled "Meow". Lack of distribution for the record meant little or no recognition for their achievement, so in 1997, Edward began recording songs for Ondertekening with harmonica player and percussionist Greg VanderHorn, keyboards by Cheryle Dijk and remote (from Lincoln, Nebraska!) production by Dexter.

Dijk and the members of the band hope that in the near future, someone will hear talent in their music and HipCat Meowsic will be taken under wing and brought into the popular mainstream as a self-sufficient musical entity..

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