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Heavy Guitars


French Duo Releases Demo

Heavy Guitars, a French duo consisting of Cyril Lepizzera and Ritchie Roncarolo, sent their 4 song instrumental demo CD-R, entitled Reflexions, for our review. The group may be named Heavy Guitars for a reason - yes, the guitars are tone heavy, unfortunately nothing else on the CD-R is. Backed by a super thin drum machine and an even thinner keyboard, the rhythmic foundation does not help present the music in the best sonic space. Compositionally, Lepizzera and Roncarolo should also try to create stronger themes, so the music stays with you after a few listens. They are both good guitarists, especially when playing fast, they just need to write a lot more songs to find out what works best in their style (they are influenced by Yngwie Malmsteen, Tony McAlpine, Joey Tafolla, Steve Vai, Allan Holdsworth, Joe Satriani, and others), which tends toward metal and neo-classical. Their future is all ahead of them.


Cyril got the "guitar virus" back in 1978, alfter his sister bought a record of Carlos Santana containing the "Europa" song. In 1979, his parents sent him to the conservatory of Marseille (Classical guitar conservatory) where he studied music theory as well as guitar playing. In 1989, he went to the IMFP (a famous jazz school for 2 years). In 1991, he started playing in a band called "Blizzard", then in 1995, he hooked up with a French singer named David Hernandez. Cyril recorded one album with him, called "Imprevu", and played live everywhere in France for two years. Ritchie originally met a friend of his uncle who was guitarist in an old French band, and discovered the pleasure of holding a guitar, and playing Rolling Stones tunes. Two months later he bought his first guitar (a classical guitar) and he learned a bit more about it, like chords, scales, and a bit of theory. Listening to Satriani's "Surfing WIth The Alien" got him more focused on playing, and he took lessons from a friend and player in Aubagne. Later he played in bands ("Blizzard"), gave lessons, and even started an instrumental band before reteaming with Cyril.

Roncarolo is considering the possibility of a solo album in 2002.

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