The Undiscovered: H. Attila Jelinek

H. Attila Jelinek


German Guitarist Goes For Versatility

H. Attila Jelinek submitted his thirteen-song demo CD-R, and what strikes the listener immediately is how different each song is. From pop numbers with vocals to more guitar-oriented instrumental tracks, Jelinek is hoping to impress with his versatility and his guitar abilities. Many of the tracks feature modern beats courtesy of a drum machine, which give them a pop feel, but Jelinek features his guitar playing in some fashion on every cut, something you don't hear in a lot of contemporary, radio-styled tunes. A lot of the instrumental music would fit perfectly as soundtrack music, for film or television - it's got that evocative feel that would suit dramatic or suspenseful material well. Jelinek's also got a really smooth electric guitar style that listeners should find appealing.


Attila was born in Germany in 1961. Both his parents were musical, receiving many awards. At the age of eight, he started learning clarinet, and by thirteen, he was a member of an orchestra. Attila later picked up his father's guitar and learned how to play, joining his first band at age sixteen. In 1983 he successfully finished his studies in classical guitar, then later attended many workshops and seminars. From 1987 until 2000 Attila taught guitar classes, and in 2000 he started composing. He has since learned how to play keyboards, and has now had enough stage experience that his guitar sound is fully developed.

Jelinek considers his versatility to be one of his strengths, and hopes to continue to write and record original music.

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