The Undiscovered: "Guitar" George Baker

"Guitar" George Baker


First Solo CD A Long Time Comin'

Long time bluesman "Guitar" George Baker has released his first CD as a leader, after first picking up a guitar 50 years ago. Mojo Lady is a ten song blues CD, which is packaged along with a five song DVD captured in 5.1 surround sound. Baker is a bluesman in the style of B.B. King and, to a lesser extent, Albert Collins, as his songs feature his bold vocals and stinging electric guitar playing. Also, the blues fan will enjoy the tasty soloing on tracks such as "Black Night", "Something Must Be Wrong", and a reggae/funk-flavored cover of "House Of The Rising Sun". His cover of "Johnny B. Goode" is also done in a unique reggae style, but unfortunately not a guitar showcase, as the sax handles all the soloing. Baker has always prided himself on delivering a dynamite live performance, and so a live CD/DVD combo is a great way for his fans (and potentially new fans) to experience his work from the comfort of home.


George's career began in his hometown of New Roads, Louisiana, where he picked up a guitar at the age of 17. His first gigs were with local R&B vocalist Roosevelt "Boo" Gautier. He soon joined Earl Davis and the Upsetters and hit the road, touring with The Drifters and other headliners before jumping ship and coming to New York City in 1961. Soon he met Trevor Lawrence, and the two attended Brooklyn Conservatory together. With a thriving New York music scene, George's guitar work was in demand. He recorded with Bobby Robinson (of "Kansas City" fame) and joined the house band at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. In 1968 he became musical director for the great Marvin Gaye, and toured the country with him for three years. He then joined up with Melba Moore for an 18-month tour before settling back in New York as a freelance player and session man.

It wasn't until George moved to New Haven that he became a headliner himself. Working with talented local musicians he formed the George Baker Experience, performing live and writing material for his debut CD.

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