The Undiscovered: Greigg Fraser

Greigg Fraser


Strong Melodic Instrumentalist Releases 2nd CD

Tech Noir is guitarist Greigg Fraser's second independent release of totally original instrumental guitar music, and melds both clean and tortured, distorted rock guitar with fusion, new age and pop overtones. If it sounds original, that's because it is. An extremely creative artist, Fraser maintains a strong guitar presence throughout the CD, while focusing on strong melodies in an effort to make his songs memorable. He succeeds brilliantly, particularly on cuts such as "Superluminous" and "Stargazer". The CD contains 12 tracks altogether, each showcasing another side of Fraser's musicianship and ability on the six-string. Tech Noir is cohesive, highly enjoyable and a must-hear for melodic guitar buffs.


Growing up in Niagara Falls, Canada, Greigg took up the guitar in high school and was heavily influenced by the Jeff Beck album "Blow By Blow" as well as guitarists such as Johnny Winter, Steve Morse, Rick Derringer, Jimi Hendrix and Eric Johnson. After several years of being involved with vocal oriented projects, Greigg launched a career in instrumental guitar in 1992. His first CD release was "Making Waves", which received strong support, radio play and rave reviews in Canada, the United States and in Europe. The song "Light Of Heart" even reached #3 on Alpen Radio in Belgium. Greigg has also been involved with outside projects such as session work, orchestra shows and clinics.

Fraser is currently dedicated to the promotion and showcasing of Tech Noir through live performance and he hopes to one day influence other guitarists in turn. He also hopes to become involved in film and television scores in the future.

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