The Undiscovered: Greg Stephens

Greg Stephens


Easy Flowing Rock, Blues, Country Mix

Singer/songwriter Greg Stephens puts together a soulful blend of rock, blues, country and folk, on his CD entitled Keep It Simple. With a title like that, you might expect stripped down arrangements and a lack or ornamentation, and you'd be correct for the most part. Of interest to guitarists, is that in addition to Stephen's acoustic guitar rhythms, he enlists the help of three other axe wielding music partners: Lou Savage on acoustic guitar, Rick Schmidt on steel guitar and Richard Bredice on electric and acoustic guitars and mandolin. Another guitarist, Bobby Cochran, even makes an appearance on acoustic guitar on "Please Don't Give Up On Me." So don't expect six string fireworks, but skillfully played ensemble playing. Don't miss the greasy slide work on the opening track, "There's Something About The Way You Move", the Buffett-like acoustic accompaniment to "Why Are You So Sad" and lonely steel guitar riffs on "Down By The Ocean".


Greg is based in Orange County, California, and is originally from Huntington Beach, California. He has been playing music since the age of eight, eventually starting his first band at the age of nineteen. Greg's influences include Eric Clapton and John Cougar Mellencamp, and after playing with different bands throughout his twenties, found his niche playing and entertaining audiences at various venues throughout Southern California. He submitted demo records and played showcases in an effort to land a record deal, but nothing was forthcoming. Putting his music career on hold at age thirty, he continued to write songs while leading a more traditional life. Eventually, a number of those songs surfaced on Keep It Simple.

Because of the great feedback he has gotten from the people who have heard his first album, Stephens has decided to make another album, which he hopes to release in 2006. He also plans a return to performing, both solo and with a band.

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