The Undiscovered: Graham Elks & Phil Crewe

Graham Elks & Phil Crewe


Atmospheric Electric/Acoustic Instrumentals

Atmospheric Images is a nine song instrumental album by the British guitar duo of Graham Elks and Phil Crewe. Reminiscent compositionally and texturally of some of Craig Chaquico's last few acoustic instrumental albums, Elks and Crewe use a combination of acoustic, clean electric and heavily overdriven/heavily delayed electric tones. The opening two tracks, "Secrets & Lies" and "Dancing Horses" are good examples of the guitarists combining all three tone groups into the same composition - the result, a track a good deal heavier than what you'd find on a Chaquico CD. Most of the remaining tracks are somewhat mellower in their arrangements and instrumentation. You might call Atmospheric Images 'heavy new age' - at least where it applies to the tracks with the overdriven electric guitar leads. But it definitely takes it out of the 'background music' category. Lush melodies are the order of the day, as Elks and Crewe put special emphasis on creating something memorable in each composition.


Graham started playing the guitar in 1984, and began writing his own songs soon afterwards.Phil was seventeen before he picked up the guitar, and later attended a music college to study classical guitar. Both guitarists logged time in a number of bands, and in 1998, Graham released the first of three solo instrumental albums, called "Kingdom Of Rock". Graham and Phil hooked up in 1999 while working on a project as session guitarists. Atmospheric Images was released in February of 2000. They spent 2001 recording their second album, "Enchanted Horizons", and played a number of festivals in the summer to promote both albums. 2002 saw the completion of "Visions", with a new, up-tempo, live feel - the CD should be available in early 2003.

Elks and Crewe continue to push the boundaries of instrumental guitar music even further, while still retaining all the quality, melody and diverseness that has become their trademark.

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