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Global Warning


Fade To (Digital) Black

Following in the footsteps of Godsmack, Korn, Disturbed and Metallica comes the Washington state group Global Warning, who submitted their eight song CD-R Digital Black. Rhythmic crunch is the order of the day, and unlike a lot of metal groups, the vocalist has a kind of James Hetfield style, where you can actually understand what he is singing. Fat metallic assaults, heavy-chunk grooves, and burning heavy metal grooves mark the tracks with titles such as "Disconnect", "Blurred World" and "Thrown Away". "Disconnect", in particular, is a song destined to induce speaker meltdown if played at high volume - this ominous, throbbing, blood-curdling track would be a great fit for a psycho thriller or horror movie of some kind. The opening track "Follow" is another highlight, with its near-anthemic chorus, foundation-shaking bass and ultra-gruff lead vocals. By the way, the guitarist and other band members are not identified on the CD, nor on the promotional materials or their website - probably something that needs to be addressed.


Global Warning was formed in late 1998. The band released a well-received debut CD in 2000, and was invited to take part in HM Magazine's CD sampler, which was sent out to 5000 homes. The start of the new millennium brought Global Warning onto TV with the Rising Stars TV show. In 2003 the group was featured on the MASH compilation CD, another HM sampler CD and Meathead Records' International Heavy Metal box set. This led to a two-year distribution deal with Nightmare Records. Global Warning has been taking part in radio and e-zine interviews, and getting reviews worldwide. Their shows continue to draw larger crowds with each passing month.

Global Warning hopes to have a new CD out by October/November 2004. The band's mission is to reach and edify as many people as they can through the music and message they have been given the chance to share, as well as to let everyone know that there is hope in a world full of uncertainness.

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