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Glen Kuykendall


Tone Meister Strikes

For his first solo release, Nashville guitarist Glen Kuykendall put together eight all instrumental rock/blues and country numbers which showcase his great chops and liquid tone. Tasty from start to finish, the EP-length Can You Hear It Ring? will energize fans of buttery solos, Vaughan-like riffage, tube-melting overdriven Strats and wicked phrasing. The last track on the CD, "Sundown" was featured on Guitar Player magazine's Soundpage in 1990 - interestingly, the track was a studio out take, recorded when the record button was accidentally pressed during a session. Never short for hyperbole, GP editors wrote "a profoundly musical rocker with a too-good-to-be-true tone." Would that your own accidents were this happy - highly recommended.


As a guitarist and bassist, Glen has been playing over 35 years, and is originally from northern Virginia. He moved to Nashville in the late '90s, with the goal of wanting to do music full time. Glen currently perform in several different groups covering a wide range of styles, performing on the road or on the Grand Old Opry with country music legend Eddy Raven, and locally with the Lot 18 classic rock cover band. During the festival season he regularly covers bass duties with his wife in her Bluegrass group, Karen Pendley & Heartstrings. During the day, Glen and his father share duties with their publishing company, Wynwood Music, Inc., and they recently placed two cuts in the movie "O Brother Where Art Thou?". He also teaches guitar and bass in the Nashville area, and does recording session work either as engineer, producer, or performer.

These days, Kuykendall's other interests include spending time with his lovely wife, riding and racing vintage motocross bikes, and flying RC airplanes (he's currently working on getting his private pilots license).

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