The Undiscovered: Geoffe Hein

Geoffe Hein


Broadening His Horizons With Solo Release

Twenty-eight year old Cleveland, Ohio native Geoffe Hein submitted his self-titled CD-R release, which features a heavy metal sound and approach (especially in the leads), occasionally delving into blues, ballads, rock and surf. The songs are all instrumental, Hein played all the instruments, and wrote, arranged, recorded, mixed, engineered, mastered and produced the entire recording. He favors extremely fast playing, with over-the-top shredding, crunchy rhythms and ripping, improvised solos. There was a tendency for some of the lead work to slide out of tune at times, or linger on non-scale tones, which created an uncomfortable dissonace, and it would have been nice to hear a live, aggressive drummer on the tracks (which heavy music demands), so if Hein can find an outside producer to assist on his next project, it would probably bring out more of his abilities.


After playing in various bands for the last thirteen years (Escalation Anger being the most recent), playing hundreds of shows and completing mini tours up and down the east coast, Geoffe decided to take some time off and write some new material. Feeling a little bit restricted doing underground metal style music, he decided to broaden his horizons and write in some different styles and modes. Geoffe picked up some recording equipment and used experience gained from five previous studio releases with other bands to complete the songs found on his CD-R release.

Hein has added quality, experienced musicians to his band for the purposes of live shows and tours.

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