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Generation Ibanez Project


7-String Guitar Extravaganza

Good compilation concepts are hard to come by (especially since Rhino Records thought of most of them already) but a new CD entitled Across The Miles by The Generation Ibanez Project is one of the few that succeeds on several levels. The CD contains 14 tracks of high-tech guitar playing from eight guitarists and bands (Eric Sands, Rusty Cooley, Backstab, Ken Burtch, Eric Nelson, Steve Stavropoulos, Adam Fox, Matt Brabender) from three countries (Australia, France, USA). Each track was recorded with an Ibanez guitar or guitars (mainly 7-string models), which is the stylistic glue that holds the compilation together. Intense, propulsive guitar-oriented music dominates the CD, especially "Dominion" by Rusty Cooley, "Moe" by Eric Sands, "Threshold" by Steve Stavropoulos and "Release" by Eric Nelson. What's amazing about this release is that the details and decisions about the project were made solely by e-mail--none of the participants have yet met face to face! Regardless, the project stands on it's own as a testament to creativity, ingenuity and musicality.


The Generation Ibanez Project originated in the minds of a few guitarists and webmasters exchanging ideas via Internet e-mail. The concept was a musical collaboration on a professional CD to entice guitarists worldwide--while paying homage to the Ibanez guitars that inspire these musicians. Permission was granted by Hoshino, USA for the use of their "Ibanez" trademark and logo. An avalanche of international responses to the project led to the selection process, which reduced the final submissions to professionally recorded songs performed with an Ibanez guitar, preferably the JEM or 7-string Universe.

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of Across The Miles will go to Steve Vai's charity, the "Make a Noise Foundation", a non-profit charitable organization, "providing musical instruments, education and culture to you musicians who cannot afford to do these things for themselves."

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