The Undiscovered: Friendly Fire

Friendly Fire


Driving Rock Music With A Message

Friendly Fire is a three piece band from New Jersey, fronted by songwriter/guitarist Michelle Borealino. Their cassette submission contains four original rock'n'roll compositions by Borealino, displaying undeniable energy, driving, scrappy rhythm playing, and straight-from-the-gut soloing. "America's Love", an anti-war send-up, is both sung and played with brutally honest conviction, embellished by a spirited guitar solo. "No Mercy" contains an extended solo section, in which Borealino uses a slide to change the mood of the piece, and sets the stage for an outro bass solo.

Friendly Fire was formed in October 1988 by guitarist/vocalist Michelle Borealino. Her intention was to work with musicians who were into playing a driving form of rock music (like The Who, Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin) that was not overwhelmed by current musical trends. In September, 1993, Friendly Fire released their debut album, which received nationwide airplay. The band then toured the Northeastern U.S., followed by a promotional tour of England, Scotland and Wales. They received praise from the College Music Journal, who described Friendly Fire, "as one of the most promising and important unsigned bands."

Friendly Fire addresses a number of social issues in their music including AIDS, racism and drug use among young people. While the band realizes they cannot preach to an audience, they feel that if they can enlighten or educate one person through the power of rock music, then the chance they take by raising such issues will be well worth it.

Contact Information

Michelle Borealino
P.O. Box 2922
Cinnaminson, NJ 08077
United States