The Undiscovered: Fredrik Olsson

Fredrik Olsson


Guitar Student Demos Instrumental Compositions

Minnesota-based guitarist and music student Fredrik Olsson submitted a four song demo cassette of compositions produced on his four-track recorder. The lightning fast offerings feature the use of tri tone passages ("Tri Me") and incredible displays of technique ("The Visit"), as well as demonstrate Olsson's compositional preferences and theoretical knowledge. The song "Etude Nr. I", a classical duet piece, was actually written out in its entirety before Olsson finally attempted to play it on guitar. If Olsson manages to spend an equal amount of time composing and recording as he currently spends playing guitar (up to ten hours per day), we should begin to see some fantastically creative output from this young guitar player.


Fredrick has been playing the guitar almost thirteen years. Originally from Sweden, Fredrik moved to Los Angeles in 1996 to attend the Musicians Institute. After six months at G.I.T., he moved again, this time to Minneapolis. He has been studying guitar as a student at Music Tech for the past year. His style is evolving from its metallic base towards a rock/fusion technique in the tradition of Frank Gambale, Scott Henderson and Greg Howe. Fredrik religiously practices a minimum of six hours each day at his instrument.

Olsson's plans for the future include trying to make his living by playing music, either as a teacher or studio musician. Even a record deal would be nice!

Contact Information

Fredrik Olsson
1325 West 27th Street, #304
Minneapolis, MN 55408
United States