The Undiscovered: Fourth Estate

Fourth Estate


Progressive Instrumentals Laden With Emotion

Dave Beegle has got to be the most criminally underdiscovered guitarist in the instrumental rock genre. The guitarist, along with Fred Babich on bass and Dave Spurr on drums comprise Fourth Estate, a Colorado-based power trio whose CD See What I See is a scorching combination of arpeggiated lines, power chords, Robin Trower-like grooves and attitude. Beegle and company write instrumental music that combines fat-toned emotional fury with inventive guitar work and aggressive arrangements. While drawing comparisons to the likes of Rush and Kings X, neither band has released a record as refreshing and brilliant as See What I See.


Beegle began early, playing piano at age 5 and guitar at age 13. His early influences included jazz musicians such as Dave Brubeck and Glen Miller to '70s guitar-based bands such as KISS, Ronnie Montrose, Rick Derringer and, of course, Rush. Beegle currently produces and engineers a variety of projects in the Rocky Mountain region while working on his own material. His band, Fourth Estate, has released two studio albums, Finesse And Fury and See What I See, as well as a live CD, Joy In Rock. Beegle expects to release a solo record that will be primarily progressive acoustic guitar in 1998.

Interestingly, Beegle points to the 1994 Arts Fest in Sofia, Bulgaria as the inspiration for the music on See What I See. The musicians in Fourth Estate try, within the rock spectrum, to create mood and texture that allow the listener to imagine for themselves the meanings of the themes and musical impressions. As a result, Beegle, Babich and Spurr find themselves at the forefront of instrumental rock, blazing a trail for creative musicians everywhere.

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