The Undiscovered: Forrest Kyle

Forrest Kyle


Fiery Instrumental Rock Fueled By Latin Beats

What did you do the summer after you graduated from high school? Take a trip? Waste time? Work bagging groceries at Food Lion? Well, guitarist Forrest Kyle took the summer of 2000 to release his first instrumental guitar CD, The Adventures Of Guitar Man. Recorded just about four years after Kyle picked up the instrument, the CD displays a remarkably developed and mature style in the context of heavy rock guitar. The tunes on the CD were recorded in his bedroom on a digital 4-track recorder. Kyle wrote each piece and played every instrument, then later went to a studio for mixing and additional guitar work. Even though the songs are built around a drum machine, the fiery playing ("...the passion of Santana, the fire of Van Halen...") and Kyle's attention to dynamics makes the CD a great listen. Allowing for the circumstances under which it was recorded, we're just short of stunned!


Forrest bought his first guitar on his 14th birthday. When he was 16, he discovered Eddie Van Halen, who not only inspired his guitaristic forays, but taught him that when you want something in life, you go after it with everything you've got, doing the one thing that makes you who you are. Tracks such as "Nerd Gods" contain a few Van Halen musical 'quotes', presumably as a tribute to his inspiration. Forrest loves playing guitar more than anything else right now.

Kyle is currently working on the collection of songs for his second CD, but warns his fans not to hold their breath waiting for it. "Let's buy a thousand of the first one first!"

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