The Undiscovered: Fez Dispenser

Fez Dispenser


Dispensing Jazz Influenced Abstract Post-Hip Hop

There are a few things you should know about Fez Dispenser's self-titled CD. Fez Dispenser is modern music made for it's own sake (purpose... not the Japanese alcoholic beverage). Fez Dispenser delivers jazz influenced abstract post-hip hop. Fez Dispenser's album features fifteen instrumental cuts, which use the guitar as a textural instrument with unusual, dissonant lines giving way to a sequenced groove, which in turn, gives way to more ethereal guitar work, sound bytes, loops and other backwards madness. Fez Dispenser is led by Matt A. Thorne, a California based producer. Fez Dispenser is live without a publicist. Fez Dispenser's publicity states the CD is not for everyone. Fez Dispenser will probably appeal to those seeking newness, freshness, forward thinking, and similar qualities in the music they buy. Fez Dispenser is not beholden to anyone, and that evidences itself in the music. Fez Dispenser is Creativity. Fez Dispenser is Different. Fez Dispenser - it's not just for breakfast anymore - take two with any meal.


Fez Dispenser is the brainchild of California based producer Matt A. Thorne (it bears repeating) Fez Dispenser was completely written and performed by Thorne. Fez Dispenser was released on Skin and Barrel Records, a true independent label based in Santa Monica, CA. Fez Dispenser is not about selling t-shirts in order to pay back lawyers hired to secure a major label deal. Fez Dispenser cannot imagine trying to make a record that way. Fez Dispenser is happy with the news that the music industry is in big trouble. Fez Dispenser believes it frees the artist to develop their own voice and receive the rewards directly.

Fez Dispenser believes music is communication. Fez Dispenser wants to communicate with you. Will you communicate with Fez Dispenser?

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