The Undiscovered: Fabrizio Chiruzzi

Fabrizio Chiruzzi


Malmsteen, Angelo, Stump -- Take Cover!

Italian guitarist Fabrizio Chiruzzi submitted a CD-ROM entitled The Dominance Factor containing three music videos of him playing incredible neoclassical and metal solos over some basic grooves, as well as some examples of him playing cross-handed and over/under-the-neck (ala Michael Angelo), sweep picking, behind the head playing, picking with his teeth and more. It's almost like he secured a copy of Michael Angelo's "Speed Kills" video, mastered every technique, then worked through the dozen Malmsteen CDs for more ideas. It's really amazing to watch Chiruzzi blaze through five or six minutes of Pentium-speed shred without making a mistake or showing any emotion. All this after only four years of study! We've got to hope that Chiruzzi spends the next four years shedding his influences, working on his compositional chops and putting that super technique to use on some truly original recordings--this is a remarkable young man.


Fabrizio is a twenty-two year old guitarist who started playing guitar at the age of eighteen. He currently lays claim to being the 'fastest shredder in his province and beyond'--something the videos will immediately prove to any skeptic. Fabrizio's hobbies include listening to and playing music, reading crime and occult books and drawing with the PC. His web site includes numerous examples of his PC art, most notably, 'virtual guitar art' which are Playboy-calibre models and other scenes superimposed onto guitar bodies--you've got to see them to believe them. Fabrizio has also written a book and invented his own beer.

Chiruzzi is working on his first instrumental album, which will be a concept album composed of 15 tracks straddling the New Age and Fusion genres, but also blending the violent fury of the shred genre. The CD will be similar to a soundtrack dedicated to the winter.

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Fabrizio Chiruzzi
via F. Valenti, 11
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