The Undiscovered: EZfingerman



Instrumentalist Plans Rock Opera

Los Angeles guitarist EZfingerman (AKA Yoshinori Kimura) submitted a two song demo CD-R that showcases his substantial (pickless) technique and vision for the future. The first song, "Sunrise" is intended to be an instrumental prelude for a rock opera he is working on. EZfingerman's rock opera is going to be a combination of heavy electric guitar and an operatic soprano voice. The second song, "Nuts To Me" is a tune representative of his rock fusion works. It is a high-tech, Gambale-influenced workout in which EZfingerman takes full advantage of his incredible arsenal of contemporary guitar techniques. Despite the somewhat awkward stage name (his given name sounds cool enough), this is one guitarist with chops to spare, and it should be worth following his development as his future plans unfold.


In the early days in Japan, EZfingerman listened to Gary Moore, Ozzy Osbourne, Rainbow and others, especially Michael Schenker. Since coming to the US, he has taken advantage of more opportunities to play jazz and fusion. In an effort to improve his guitar technique, EZfingerman tried many things, and eventually threw away his pick and developed a tapping style, which includes two-handed tapping of solos and chords. Since then he has improved his technique through watching and listening to Frank Gambale.

EZfingerman's future plans include finishing his rock opera recordings and start gigging locally. He then plans to open his new web site, then to begin recording instrumental albums.

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Yoshinori Kimura
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