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Dark Gypsy Flamenco Guitar

Guitarist Eugenio and his percussionist/manager Laura Martinez submitted a nine song CD-R entitled Ghitano Corazon. Working from a base in Holland, the duo's music is defined by the vibrant rhythms of Spain, the rumbas of Latin America, dark Gypsy flamenco and Latin jazz improvisations. In addition to the original pieces, the album features a blazing flamenco style version of Rimsky-Korsakov's "Flight Of The Bumblebee". Eugenio has the ability to play clearly executed rapid passages with passion, and each composition has its virtuosic moments. He also is not afraid to mix musical genres -- the song "Reggae" has a Jamaican/Spanish feel, while "Desert Storm" blends flamenco with Middle Eastern scale ideas. This is a talented pair who are doing a fine job expanding the flamenco vocabulary, both live and on record.


Eugenio has been influenced by players such as Al Di Meola, Paco De Lucia and John McLaughlin. He has a large original repertoire and much experience in live performance. His live repertoire contains about 250 songs, including the most well known songs of Spain and Latin America. Eugenio has the ability to play guitar using fingerstyle techniques (as in classical and flamenco styles) as well as highly advanced regular picking techniques (as in rock and jazz music). He considers himself a complete lead and rhythm guitar player.

Eugenio is currently looking for anyone who can support his project in any way (studio time, sponsors, promotion, producers, record companies, agents, etc.) He is open to expanding his own show, as well as collaborating with other musicians or guitar players with compatible styles.

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