The Undiscovered: Ernesto Diaz-Infante & Chris Forsyth

Ernesto Diaz-Infante & Chris Forsyth


Guitar As Sound Source For Improvisation

It may sound like two Lonnie Johnson records played simultaneously at different speeds, it may sound like a swarm of flies dancing in your ears, or it may sound just like noise. You might get an equal number of listeners who agree with any one of these opinions after a listen to Wires And Wooden Boxes, the latest CD from San Francisco area guitarist Ernesto Diaz-Infante and Brooklyn based guitarist Chris Forsyth. All the pieces on the album are improvised and recorded in real time, as the two musicians focus on the percussive and frictional end of the sound spectrum to structure the music. Diaz-Infante is also a pianist and can be heard using that instrument in some unusual ways as well on tracks such as "Straight To It". Wires And Wooden Boxes will challenge your preconceived notions of improvisation and the traditional role of guitars and other instruments as sound sources.


Ernesto Diaz-Infante received an MFA in music composition from the California Institute of the Arts. He has worked in residence at the Centre International de Recherche Musicale, the Villa Arson, The Millay Colony for the Arts, Centrum, Villa Montalvo, and many more. An active performer, improviser, and composer of instrumental chamber music, he has had performances and radio broadcasts all over the world.

Chris Forsyth is a Brooklyn, NY based electric guitarist who plays improvised music. His ongoing projects include All Time Present, W.O.O. Revelator, Djalma Movement & Music Ensemble, and his duo with Diaz-Infante. These groups have performed throughout the United States since 1997 and have releases available on many labels. Chris is curator of the Bunker Annex Series of Improvised Music at the Knitting Factory in New York City.

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