The Undiscovered: Eric Terdjman

Eric Terdjman


Creating Electronic Jazz Music

At first listen, French born, Jerusalem based guitarist Eric Terdjman's CD-R album Rebirth may seem a little light on the guitar. Featuring twelve instrumentals (with a few voice choruses) in a unique blend of jazz, funk and rock with an electronic background, it's only after several listenings that one can appreciate how subtly and cleverly Terdjman weaves his guitar in and out of the compositions. Listening to new musical melds is a bit disorienting at first, but with his experience in jazz, classical, rock and funk, Terdjman manages to pull it off and serve up something quite intriguing. It's not for everyone to be sure, but a select group of open-minded listeners is going to find a lot to like on Rebirth. It should be interesting to hear what the next on sounds like.


Born in France, Eric started in music as a guitarist and composer in the acid jazz band Eclyptics in 2001. The group toured mainly in Paris and its suburbs, and was active until 2003. Eric has also collaborated with many singers to create songs to movies, albums and jingle projects. He became a member of the French copyright society SACEM in 2002 as a composer. Eric began to produce his own music in 2003 under the project name of Rico with a five song CD - combining rap and electronic jazz music. Now, influenced by St. Germain, Jamiroquai, Sinclair and Bob Sinclar, he strives to be a composer who is able to adapt to different situations by providing creative atmosphere.

Terdjman comments, "I produced this music in my home studio in Jerusalem. Creating the music took me many years. It's partly my musical past that I recorded with the new music tools I have now. My friend and I played some of these songs when I was 18. That's why I called this album Rebirth, because I found myself in my musical past. It's the revival of old music melodies combined with electronic stuff. It's also the beginning of a new life as a musician living outside my own country (France)."

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