The Undiscovered: Eric Solomon

Eric Solomon


Stand Alone Guitar Playing

Just a bit puzzling... In nine years of doing the Undiscovered, and over 800 submissions, Eric Solomon's is the first demo CD-R submitted which basically just documents the fact that Solomon can play the guitar, no songs here! The first track on the four track instrumental demo is entitled, "Hendrix Riff" and is, you guessed it, a one-minute Hendrix-style riff. The third track is a massive 36 seconds, and is entitled "Indigenous Riff" - pretty much self-explanatory, while the second track ("Badlands") is an unaccompanied guitar solo of sorts - three minutes of improvised jamming - the kind of thing Satriani probably does for thirty minutes before his first cup of coffee in the morning. The final track, "My Blues Song", does have some drums that appear towards the middle of it, but is essentially jamming over a blues structure. The world needs tunes!


Eric was born in Iowa in 1978 and has been jamming on guitar since he was twelve. He taught himself to play using his gift of perfect pitch, and from 1995 through 1999 was the lead guitar player for the La La Band/Project Charlie. With this group, Eric recorded one CD and various other demo tapes in Waterloo, Iowa and Madison, Wisconsin. He was selected as one of twelve artists to appear on the 1996 Music Search single-sampler CD out of submissions received from over 300 cities in 47 states, Canada and Iceland. Eric has performed at uncountable live shows, including the Canton Rock Fest (Canton, Iowa), Thunderfest (Dubuque, Iowa) and at a show at the Dubuque County fairgrounds opening for the Sun Dogs.

After graduating from the University of Northern Iowa, Solomon has been searching for a hard rock or blues band.

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Eric Solomon
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