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Eric Carbonara


Vibrates Molecules To Kill Fascists

Seven Pieces For Solo Guitar is the title of the latest CD-R from Pennsylvania area guitarist Eric Carbonara, and thanks to truth in advertising statutes, you'll find here one solo guitar and seven challenging acoustic pieces. Highly improvisational, and wholly introspective, you may feel as if you are listening to a sage pouring out his collected wisdom onto a group of eager followers, or perhaps you may hear a battle-weary soldier recalling his long-lost innocence. Easily a dozen or more interpretations per tune can be readily imagined; indeed the beauty of instrumental music is the ability to let free association be your guide while listening - although the composer's intent beyond the song title might be an interesting addition to a future album's liner notes. Great job.


Eric is a guitarist, composer, audio engineer and producer whose career spans over a decade of collaborations and solo work. Frequently using a rotating cast of monikers and aliases, he simply uses sound to interpret the world around him as he sees fit. His own recording studio, Nada Sound Studio, is both the catalyst and the mechanism through which Eric speaks. Recent years have revealed a departure from his psych/krautrock-influenced work to a kaleidoscopic realm of minimalism, electro-acoustic improvisation, free-noise guitar thrashing, the folk music of North Africa and Andalusia and Classical Hindustani music. In a sense, Eric plays pidgin music, a language that is in between other languages - borrowing elements from its surroundings. Maybe a language that only Eric speaks, but he speaks it well.

In 2004, Carbonara released a limited-edition album of signal delay compositions titled "Selections From The Void..." Since then, Carbonara's work has been seen on two Philadelphia based compilations: Rich Wexler's "Up the Stairs, Down the Hall", and on Honeymoon Music's self-titled compilation, which he debuted an excerpt from the sprawling "Music for Wine Glasses".

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