The Undiscovered: Eldon Max

Eldon Max


Music To Curdle Your Milk

The Washington state band Eldon Max is circulating a four song demo EP of their forthcoming album, The Plague Is In My Socks. Hugely distorted guitars drive the music, that tends to unravel like a tightly wound rope of razor-wire. Or should we say "Reznor-wire" - as the guitarist, Eldon Slate, admits to being a Trent freak. You've got plenty of sharp, scratchy and frequently dissonant guitar lines played at deafening levels through an amp on the verge of a nuclear meltdown - so if that strikes a nerve with you, you need to get a hold of The Plague Is In My Socks. If the opening cut, "Rooster Girl" doesn't curdle your milk, or cause you to run screaming into the night, then stick around for more of the same from the next three cuts.


Eldon Slate, guitarist for Eldon Max, and writer for the band, started out playing in an original band, then worked school dances and clubs learning cover songs. He was into NIN and Ministry during the early '90s. Eldon prefers massive tube sustain, drenched with controlled feedback, and playing that makes the song part of the solo, not vice versa. He plays through an old Hi-Watt amp that once belonged to Paul Dean of Loverboy. At least, that's what he was told...

Eldon Max is slated to have a song on the upcoming compilation on Sol-Politics Records from Canada, and will be working on the full-length version of "The Plague Is In My Socks".

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